How do I claim my business listing?

Visit Powys has hundreds of business listings, submitted by customers and visitors. Your business is probably already listed on Visit Powys, but by claiming your listing you can add your contact details, photos and other useful information.

How to Claim

1. Create your free personal account at www.visitpowys.co.uk or log in.

2. Search for your business at the Visit Powys directory section, then click the name of your business to go to your listing.

3. Click the “Claim this listing” button in the row of icons to the right of your listing.

Why claim?

Thousands of people are searching every day for businesses like yours in Powys, and Visit Powys makes it easier for them to find your business. Claim your listing and make sure your information is up to date.

What are the benefits for listing owners claiming their listings?

When you claim your listing you get a number of benefits:

  • Your listing is locked so that you are the only person who can update it (via the directory dashboard)
  • Your listing becomes ‘verified’ adding additional trust and credibility
  • You’ll receive instant email alerts when anyone posts a review or add photos to your listing
  • You can add and manage ‘official’ photos on the frontpage of your listing (via the directory dashboard)
  • Your listing can be featured on top page if you sign up to our ‘Featured Listing’ plan
  • NEW – your listing will feature a ‘contact us’ form for quick enquiries

I just added a listing from the directory dashboard but it does not show on the listings section of the dashboard

The directory dashboard will not display listings unless you claim your listings, and the claims have been approved by the administrator.

Can users add listings without claiming?

Yes, users can simply skip the claiming process when adding new listings. They will then become “authors” of the listings and will not get the benefits that listing owners would.

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